Customized travel

At the highest level, perfectly tailored to suit you,

by Angella

"To travel is to  live...." Hans Christian Andersen

Are you fed up of living a normal life....


Conforming to the ‘rules’ laid down in the unwritten book titled, 'how to lead an ordinary life and be happy?'


Why not throw that ‘book’ out of the window and start living life your way…...the way you imagine in your head, the way you live it in your dreams, the way it has been played out in your mind since long ago, before all the serious stuff got in the way.



We often get so busy making a living that we forget to make a life

You keep yourself awake at night........

tossing and turning, wondering where all the years went and how it just seems like yesterday that you were 16 with the world at your feet.  You could have done anything and become anyone although we were taught that getting a good education and a 'job for life' was the way to go and we dutifully obliged.  It turned out we did have a good life although, isn't over!  


The thinking doesn't stop...what have we missed, are we too old?  We are too young to be content with just being grandparents and walking the dogs .  But can we recapture what we had dreamed about doing in our 20's and 30's?  Can we fall in love all over again? 


The answer is yes, yes and hell yessssss!

Do you.....

Dream of being on a sun drenched beach on a Caribbean island?

Want to know what more there is to explore on the island of Jamaica?

Have a lust for life, exploration, discovery, lifetime memories & adventure?

Follow me……..It's time to remember what it feels like to be alive.....we’re going to get to that place where you really want to go

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YS Falls, St Elizabeth (15)
Half Moon Hotel (2)
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Blue Hole St Ann's (14)
Blue Hole St Ann's (15)

Over 120 rivers, 550 miles of coastline, 3 mountain ranges & the tallest peak in the Caribbean

The choice is yours. There is so much to discover and experience on this beautiful island......where do you start??






Come and discover your Jamaica with me 

"Travel doesn't become adventure until you

leave yourself behind..." - Marty Rubin