Everyone has their favourite destination and mine has to be Jamaica, so I thought it only fitting to dedicate a page to this wonderful, exciting destination.

The Jamaican people are passionate about their island paradise and

they have good reason to be, as to be quite honest, in all aspects, Jamaica


For a country only 146 miles long by 51 miles at its widest point, Jamaica certainly packs a punch.

With its location being close to the equator means it gets year-round wonderful weather. South of Cuba by 90 miles and west of Haiti by 100 miles, this 'big' little island is in the Greater Antilles or the Western Caribbean

as it is sometimes referred to.

Over 120 rivers, 635 miles of coastline and the highest peak of 7402ft, there is certainly lots to explore and in my 50 years plus visits, I am still discovering its many secrets.  

Beaches of white sand and the blue ocean make it a picture postcard view at every turn. The abundance of water makes the different shades of green so lush and vibrant, particularly noticeable when the sun shines in its full glory after a period of rain or cloud.

Not a beach bum...?  Explore the rugged interior of the cockpit country, a formation of limestone rock, creating caves and underground rivers.  

From the Blue Mountains to Black River, Port Royal to Port Antonio, Buff Bay to Bluefields, there is something for everyone on this amazing island.

Hiking up a mountain or waterfall, visiting a Maroon town or music factory, discovering nature healing powers in our fruits, tasting the unique food with its Indian, African, Spanish & English influences. Experience the natural phenomenon at the Luminous Lagoon, the best sighting out of only three places in the world. Dancing till Dawn to the best reggae music on earth or let your body move to the grooves in a popular nightclub. Be adventurous on a zipline or float on a 30ft bamboo raft (or an inner tube) down a river.

Jamaica's colourful past has made it what it is today and given the island a vibe like no other place on earth.  Don't just take my word

for it... ask anyone who has been. They will all say, "once you go, you know!"