New Earth Ancient Wisdom Yoga Retreat 


Wake up with birds chirping and the sounds of the ocean crashing into shore

There isn't really much more to do than throw on some clothes


Your yoga mat on the ocean front, is welcoming you to start another day in paradise,



Just Jamaica presents our New Earth Ancient Wisdom Yoga Retreat in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica!  

November 8th - November 14th 2022

You've always said you would love to have a week to tech, no responsibilities, just you, a book and a beach.  Well now is your chance. Come to Jamaica where you don't have to plan anything for 7 whole days. Expand your mind & body through various ancient practices from the East which include yoga & meditation. Eat delicious food, cooked lovingly for us and visit fabulous places within the parish. Reacquaint with nature and remind yourself of the 'sound' of silence. Swim in the beautiful Caribbean Sea and breathe the fresh sea air, in stunning surroundings. Return home, relaxed, rejuvenated and more aligned and in tune with your path. All you need to find, is the joy in life.

come & join us, if you...

  • are ready to have a fabulous time with amazing people in Jamaica

  • are ready to put yourself first and have some 'me' time away from family/work

  • are ready to change your relationship with money 

  • want to improve your mental & physical wellbeing 

  • are ready to do something different and just for you


have the courage of your convictions to operate at the highest version of yourself!


about Jamaica

The island of Jamaica, 3rd largest in the Western Caribbean, lies 90 miles south of Cuba and 600 miles south of Miami.​

Retreat Location

Incorporating Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Calabash Bay & Great Bay, the resort of Treasure Beach is casual and informal. A place where people come to heal, escape, be at peace and make new friends. St Elizabeth, the breadbasket parish on the South Coast of Jamaica is steeped in history and an organic food lovers' dream

It has a wonderful village like atmosphere; a French style bakery above a traditional Jamaican Bar which is next to an Italian restaurant! Not too far away is a fabulous Vegan deli with daily specials for seasonal variety.  

Take a stroll along the beautiful beaches and swim in the warm temperatures of the Caribbean Sea. Low-level light pollution makes stargazing a whole lot of fun and the quiet laid back nature of the area means that you safe to wander around for your quiet time wherever and whenever you wish to do so. With an approx 2hr drive from Montego Bay or Kingston, St Elizabeth is centrally located for seeing a host of Jamaica's delights without being too far away from the international airports. Extend your stay before or after the retreat and make the most of this diverse paradise.

Approx 150 miles in length and 50 miles in-depth, it is diverse:


  • Climb a 650ft waterfall

  • Swim in a ‘bottomless’ lagoon

  • Climb to the highest peak in the Caribbean 7402ft

  • Jerk meats, fresh fish, coconuts, nutritious vegetables & amazing fruits - from meat lovers to's all here

  • Explore caves hollowed out of the limestone rock, the material that covers much of the island

  • Laze on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean

  • Take a hike and spot many endemic species of birds & butterflies

  • Camp out under the stars or hire a cabin in the incredible Blue Mountain range

  • Discover the best tasting coffee which is naturally very low in caffeine

Special beach view.jpg

This retreat is for YOU if your Race is human You are living on planet earth
Your religion is love

Your Hosts

2021-12-28 16.04.27.jpg

Angella Berarey

Having built a property portfolio giving me the freedom to extricate myself from the 9-5 treadmill, I am passionate about sharing my insights with others to build generational wealth and freedom where it so often does not exist.


From retail banking to accounting technician, to running multiple businesses, I have had to jump through more financial hoops than I would like…until I discovered another way.


The old parody of banks being the only place to save our money and from where we can borrow money has been extinguished.

Here on the retreat, we will deep dive into the history of this paper and how it takes only a mindset change for you to think of money as something to create, rather something that we must EARN to survive.


Our two-hour workshop sessions delve into your past relationship with money, we peel back the layers on all you have been told about it. We help you to align so you have a healthy relationship with the ease and flow of money and are never chasing money again.


I uncover for you, all my knowledge and experience, from getting the best usage from the finance you already have in place, to opening many different streams of opportunity that previously didn’t seem possible.

Each one of us did not come here for the struggle, we came for the furthering of humanity and the fun of it.  Once you gain clarity on how to live in the space of energy exchange rather than full-on action, for earning, your whole life will change.


When you are no longer a slave to money, you are truly free.

Empress Thandi Wise

Empress Thandi Wise is a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, Womb Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Medicine Woman, Colon Hydrotherapist and also Birth Dula. She has a passion for raw food and has been trained by Alisha Cohen as a chef.

Empress is the founder of Wise Wellness - Yoga Centre and Health Food store in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, where she teaches holistic lifestyle and yoga. She was featured in Vogue Brazil 2019 and Condeè Nest Traveler May 2021.

Her mission is to help all beings activate their natural and innate wisdom to heal and balance the mind, body, and spirit using Ancestral Wisdom and natural modalities. 


Ian Sasi Mair

Sasi has had a lifelong interest in the Eastern healing arts, including yoga. His journey onto this path started many years ago in the rural part of Jamaica. Sasi spent many years in China teaching yoga, establishing yoga centres, learning Chinese medicines and different aspects of its culture.

Studying Sanskrit and Yoga philosophy with teachers like Dr Ram Karan Sharma at the Yoga Society of San Francisco for the last 16 years, Sasi has nurtured and enlightened the spiritual insight of his practice. He has been engaged in the study of Buddhist philosophy and also continues to study the healing properties of Chinese medicines. 

Working for 3 years with a non profit organization, the Niroga Institute in California which is now one of the leading institutions of mindfulness training in America, Sasi enhanced his ability to teach from a deeper place of compassion. 

Eric Biseca

Eric's healing journey began in his early twenties after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. He subsequently began a practice of medical meditation and the tumor vanished, leaving him with a firm belief and an immersive study in the practice. 

Eric had spent much of his upbringing traveling the east coast of the U.S. and later in Europe, South America and Africa. He has lived in Brazil and has trained in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira Angola for nearly 15 years.  Earning his teaching degree in the social sciences, he later combined his wellness background to work with at-risk and incarcerated youth in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia for nearly 10 years. 


Having recently completed his naturopathic studies and clinical hours from Leonardo DaVinci School of holistic medicine, his focus is utilizing medical meditation, lymphatic massage and conscious movement to combat disorders associated with anxiety, depression as well as chronic illness. Eric identifies with consciousness and works from a place of spiritual energy and gratitude. He has recently moved to Jamaica and is excited to offer his services and share his energy.


Stephen Wise aka Katriel

Stephen will be joining us for the welcome dinner with the sounds of one of his instruments.  Throughout the week, we will see him again for the live sounds from one of his sacred instruments such as the didgeridoo, to create sound bath healing in meditative sessions.  

Sometimes referred to as a musical shaman, Katriel is a professional musician, songwriter, producer and international recording artist who has worked with some of the biggest names including Stevie Wonder, Maxi Priest & Patti Labelle.

Stephen Wise’s original music consists of a plethora of musical genres such as pop jazz reggae soul and new age.

He has released 7 albums and what sets his artistry apart is the higher conscious lyrical messages in many of his songs which is why Stephen is such an asset for us to be able to have on the retreat.

Switch off your mind, detach from your stresses & detox from tech

New Earth Ancient Wisdom Yoga Retreat 

Give yourself the gift of 7nts, 1 whole week and tap back into the amazing adventure of life as a human being.  Dedicate the time and space to you.  Relax, revitalize, have a ‘tech holiday’, simply ‘be’ in nature, eat healthy organic produce and live the sun-up to sundown lifestyle.


With yoga, meditation, plant-based medicines and workshops on how to continue a healthier lifestyle, this really will be a week of transformation for not only yourself, your family will feel the ripple effects of your renewed energy.  

Meet people within the small group and leave, having discovered the one thing everyone who comes here needs…relaxation of the mind.

Slow the pace right down and give yourself a week of peaceful existence and a way forward in a new world using ancient wisdom from the past

A constant supply of water will be available to you, infused in organic fruits and vegetables

Yoga mat, blankets and blocks fresh for your use

Spa treatments and holistic therapies are available throughout your week

Direct flights from uk to Jamaica. Recommended flight is BA, leaving 28 April and returning 05 May. Other direct options available with Virgin Atlantic & TUI (*International flights are not included)

November 8th - November 14th 2022

The investment in yourself starts at £2,500 for seven nights accommodation in Taino Cove. The price includes return airport transfers. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are cooked lovingly for you daily, using local, organic, healthy food, wherever possible.

*International flights are not included

Entry into Jamaica requires nothing more than at least six months validity on your passport (always check the latest guidelines).


  • £3599 (USD4750) in a single occupancy room

  • £2650 (USD3499) in a double occupancy room

  • £2500 (USD3300) in a triple occupancy room

Reserve your spot

Single occupancy room 
£3599 (USD4750)

Double occupancy room
£2650 (USD3499)

Triple occupancy room
£2500 (USD3300)

Terms & Conditions of booking and retreat please read before you purchase