You may have queries.........

I don't know where to long to get there.......which airline is best.......what hotel to stay in.......which sights to long does it take to get there........what time zone is it we cross the international date line.........what's the weather is the food....what are the local customs.....what currency do they use.....what safety precautions do I need to I need vaccinations.......what about a do I get around?

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A basic outline of what your dream maker package contains....

  • An initial 2hr consultation inviting you to dream big where we can discover the inner you, your passions and desires, your likes and dislikes which will enable me to create your very personal dream trip.

  • Many hours of research putting together your package down to the finest detail.  This will include, not only getting to your destination, but everything you want to do when you get there.

  • Taking care of everything from pre-travel arrangements right until you arrive back at your own front door

  • A secure record kept of important documents, should you lose anything whilst having the time of your life

  • A detailed checklist provided so you don't leave home without all the essentials and you do pack appropriate clothing for each destination.

  • All bookings taken care of including restaurant, theatre, adventures, priority entrance tickets which sometimes need to be booked many months in advance.

  • Add value to your trip by showing you the best things you can do at the best times to make the most of your stay

  • Any special occasion celebrations will be catered for

  • Advice on currency, visa & vaccination requirements

I inspire travel rather than merely react to your requests  

You will get an authentic travel experience rather than simply be yet another tourist 

I make your dream a reality so you will feel the very heartbeat of the place(s) you are visiting without the headache of all the arranging. 


For those who want the ultimate, there are extras which can be arranged, these include although are not limited to the following

listed below

Companion trips 

  • Are you taking your big adventure without a partner or friend?​

  • Maybe you are a couple or small group who have never before been on such a big adventure?​

  • Would you like a dive buddy who can record those special moments for you on camera or video?​

  • Don't like dining alone?​

  • Fed up of using a selfie stick?​

  • Want to celebrate your bucket list moments with another?​

  • UK airport/seaport transfer service by road, train or helicopter(if not already included in your flight booking)

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