• Angella Berarey

A Day of Adventure

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Enjoying Amazing views from up high on a cable car then bobsled down a mountain.

How brave are you? You’ll have nerves of steel to zip wire the Caribbean’s longest line.

Feeling adventurous? Hike the Caribbean’s highest peak to witness the best sunrise on the island.  

On now to the fire ponds.... go on, take a dip if you dare. I’m just teasing... in Jamaica remember ‘everything irie’ it’s all good.

Cycle ride down a mountain, have a well-deserved drink at a bar 2000ft up and marvel at the surrounding rainforest.

Expect a shower in this magnificent part of the island. Seeing so many variations of green come to life when the sun reappears after a shower, you’ll agree it’s worth every drop.

Explore caves, go river rafting, visit a Motorsports & Adventure Park, ride an ATV through the forest or ride a horse through the ocean...whatever you want to do. It’s your time.

If you’re missing the water how about deep-sea fishing or diving? So many choices...the most important one, deciding on Jamaica.

Now just lay back and enjoy the ride! Nobody knows Jamaica better than ME :) Angella Berarey angella@justjamaica.co.uk +44 7841 879 093 

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