• Angella Berarey

Boston Jerk, Portland

Coming from the direction of Manchioneal, hunger rises just as we are passing Boston Jerk Centre.

One stop driver!

I am met with a friendly face answering in the positive, to my question of whether they have fish.

I ask, because Boston is known for their jerk meats although relatively recently, they have spread their wings into conch and fish.

What would you like with your steamed fish? Sweet potato, festival or breadfruit are the choices and I opt for a small piece of sweet potato.

I take a seat at the counter and watch. It amazes me, how they manage to cook food, precisely with no top of the range stove, labelled a 'necessity’ in a 1st world restaurant kitchen.

The jerked meats sandwiched between scented wood and metal sheets, are being stoked up by a man shovelling ash into the concreted area. The festival, already fried, is being kept warm in a cooler part of the area. Sweet potato is being treated in much the same you would do a baked potato in UK. In no time at all, my plate arrives.

My fish has been seasoned and steamed with onion, pepper, carrot & okra, all sealed in foil. The flesh of the fish so moist, it simply drops off the bone. Notice I got halfway through before remembering to take a picture LOL. I did try the baked sweet potato and to be honest, the fish was more than sufficient for my appetite. The whole dish was delicious.

As you can tell, these guys were far too stressed with their Monday business schedule to answer any questions I may have had, about the name Gold Teeth, as I didn’t see any.

I didn’t get any pictures of my third stop whilst at Boston Jerk although I would like to 'big up' the friendly bar tender next door. White rum & ting this time and clean bathrooms are always a blessing, especially for us girls. Thank you.

Love, peace & freedom from Jamaica💚

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