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East Portland road trip

Updated: Jan 28

The day started later than usual and first stop was an ocean view of Boston beach. Viewing from the beach at Great Huts, gives several different vantage points.

I saw a narrow rocky ledge bridging the two larger rocks which led to a bench and another viewing area. Either side of this rocky ledge was a bamboo structure which acted like bannisters of a staircase, or so I thought. Even though the ’bannisters’ looked new, they were anything but and were decoration at best!

On the other side were two chairs, made of concrete and painted red. When the tide was out, a gentle lapping at the feet whilst meditating. Prepare for a full soaking when the tide is in or the ocean lively.

A surfer cut a lonely figure waiting to catch the ultimate wave. During my time watching, it seemed to elude him although I am sure he was having fun from the experience.

When driving by, a quick stop at Boston Jerk centre is a must. Choose, from jerk chicken or pork, fish, conch and more. If you are lucky, try out the sour sop juice on offer.

Long Bay is another great beach where the water along with the area is lively. Bars, restaurants and shops line the area between water and road and visitors can choose to eat anything from jerk pork to Ital food.

Passing the Priestman River bridge (apparently the tallest in Jamaica), we continue around the

coast heading further into East Portland. Turning off the main road, it isn’t long before we have our first ‘local’ encounter. A gentle country man informs us that he is standing guard protecting his little, small holding from the six ’terrorist’ little pigs who are determined to get onto his land as they have been left ‘home alone’ by their owner.

The funniest thing is that now the guy is talking to me, the little pigs are trying to get through the barbed wire and so he is running the pigs and talking to me at the same time. I of course, am no help at all, as I notice a little puppy dog as part of the piglet crew. What a lovely sight…six little brown pigs and a little white puppy dog, playing together. I get out my camera and start filming and gushing at how sweet it all is. Puppy dog looking a little on the slim side, I feed it some chicken and encourage it to finish before the pigs get wind of the food and push their way in.

Under Di Rock was next, at Hectors River. A bar, restaurant, accommodation, event venue & beach…all under di rock!

Park up & you will see a shop, continue around and walk down the stairs, enter another world and enjoy. I met two guys preparing a huge pot of soup. I watched as they shaped the dumplings and peeled the yam, cutting it and added it to the pot. This was in preparation for a little girl’s birthday party later in the day. I would have loved to stay and watch the whole cooking show, but there was more for me to explore. Cooking with the Dutch pots over open fire, to me, is Jamaica.

It is rare that I stop at a fruit & veg stall in Jamaica although it is one of my favourite things to do. This lady and gentleman were selling an assortment as you can see from the pictures. Along with this, boiled corn was in the pot and the rum bottles were filled with organic coconut oil.

My guide purchased ripe sour sop from a friendly Rasta man passing by on his way home. I forgot to ask what delights he was going to produce with the weird looking fruit. If you are reading this Roger, what did you do with the sour sop?

Final stop was a corner bar in Kensington. A flask of Appleton & a bottle of Ting, two cups and we are good to watch the sun set on yet another beautiful day on the East side of Jamaica.

Love, peace & freedom from Jamaica💚

If you would like to see more beautiful pictures and videos of this amazing trip, click the link below!

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