• Angella Berarey

Falling Edge - Stony Hill, St Andrew

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The rain started early that day and by the time I had finished a late breakfast, the clouds had moved in, over us. The same clouds I had been watching form over the hills of the place that was to be my playground for the day, had begun to release the rain over Strawberry Hill.

My guide and driver, Roger had arrived and when there was a break in the fall, I trudged up the 50 steps to meet him. As is our usual remit, we travelled largely on the back roads and tracks to make our way across the hills and to our starting point of the first hike.

Asking what the terrain would be like and still thinking back to the last waterfall discovery (read a previous post about Lancaster), I felt comforted when Roger said that it was a pathway. This pathway was one of mud, tree roots & flowing streams! Whenever I got a break from the flowing streams, I found myself back on a ledge and overly conscious of the steep sides with nothing to break my fall for a very long way.

Having to concentrate hard on balance, soaking wet from the thighs down, I plough on. Camera comes out a couple of times and I soon give that up and continue crossing a couple of miniature waterfalls that pop up when rain falls. The rocks have had a little cement thrown on them as a sort of glue, so that you feel more comfortable walking across the more unstable parts. Nothing they can do about the cliff edges though.

During the trek to the falls, we meet a couple of groups, carrying everything but the kitchen sink, retreating from the rain, their weekend plans, perhaps so unusually spoilt, by the weather. Another couple of small groups pass us, also retreating. There I was, jeans, thick socks & trainers, long sleeved top, coat & poncho and there they were in bikinis and flip flops LOL. If we all felt comfortable, there are no issues, right?

On arriving at the Falls, the rain was still falling and just a small group of about half a dozen people remained. Their pots and pans were sitting empty and the music wasn’t playing. They stood in the rain waiting for the sun to come out to play once again.

I can imagine the place having a lovely vibe. There was a wooden bench for quiet contemplation, perhaps and many rocks to take rest and keep dry, if that is your wish.

It was a nice photo stop and it wasn’t the rain deterring me from going for a swim, I like my water warmer. I certainly enjoyed the journey as much as the destination.

Love, peace & freedom from Jamaica💚

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