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Food taster with a chaser!

Angella Berarey gives people a taste of Jamaica by giving them delightful samples of home cooked Jamaican food with a 'chaser'. 

Just Jamaica is born out of my lifelong passion for the island of Jamaica. I arrange for people to have the best experience ever during their annual two weeks away from work. You will enjoy the island so much more when you become a temporary resident rather than just a tourist for a week or two.

So, ditch the All Inclusive and discover the Real Jamaica, the Jamaica at its most vibrant. Meet the people, see the sights, taste the food, climb a mountain, see a natural phenomenon, relax on a beach. Bring to life all those suppressed feelings you have been longing to bring to the surface. Give yourself permission to feel energised, invigorated, refreshed, relaxed, intoxicated & free.

I specialise in finding out how people want to feel whilst they are on holiday and I create a once in a lifetime experience for them like no other. The itineraries I design are totally bespoke and tailored for you only, according to your desires. Everything is taken care of, it is my job to think for you. All I ask is that you put the dates in your diary, pack a bag and get ready for the time of your lives!

To introduce people to the island of Jamaica, I gather small groups of 3-5 people for Jamaican taster sessions on the first Mon & Thurs of each month.

I bring people together to learn that Jamaica is much more than a beach destination. It is the land of wood and water and so much more in-between. The vibe of Jamaica is unmistakeable, that is why the familiar ‘once you go, you know’ slogan fits it aptly. I impart my extensive & practical knowledge, hints and tips on everything Jamaican. 

By finding out what people want and what they would like to experience, I can fit what best suits them into a one or two week trip. I know the island so very well and can draw on my experience of so much time spent on the island, to talk on a wide range of subjects. From topography to oceanography, language to culture, history to music, beach to bar, politics to sport.

Invitations are extended to those who express an interest in one day visiting Jamaica. Alternatively, if you know nothing about Jamaica and are wondering what this ‘big' little island has to offer, you are welcome all the same.


Angella exceeds her guests’ expectations by offering a lot more food to what she mentions on the invitations.  She is a delightful host and is quite clearly passionate about her home country.

Whilst waiting for the next delectable plate to come out, I find myself moving my head and tapping my feet to the reggae beat playing in the background.  Once again, I am reminded of the celebration we were having of this incredible island of Jamaica.  Angella truly brings the island to our every sense.  I am sure she even turned the heating up!

Courtney A, Leicester

Food examples

November 2020 menu                                    

Saltfish fritters                                                

Rum cake

White Rum taster

January 2021 menu

Jerk chicken

Spiced banana cake

Gold rum taster

February 2020 menu

Curry goat                                                       

Bun & cheese

Beer taster 

May 2020 menu

Ackee n saltfish

Black cake

Liqueur tasting

Nobody knows Jamaica better than ME :)

Angella Berarey


+44 7841 879 093

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