• Angella Berarey

Half Moon Resort, Montego Bay

Over 400 acres of property set on a white sand beach encapsulating the northern most point of the island.

An equestrian centre and 18-hole golf course, world class spa, fitness centre, kids club and the best tennis facilities on the island.

You may think that all that means you will be overrun by people but, no. I enjoy peace and tranquillity more than at any 10 room boutique hotel. Here you get the best of having all the facilities you could wish for, paired with a very low guest count, on a huge property.

Walk, cycle, run or drive your own cart around the acreage...the choice is yours. Don’t worry though, because you can also call for a ride from anywhere to anywhere on the whole property. My style is full independence although there are some distinct advantages to a driver. For instance, if you are going to the Sugar Mill, the driver will take you across the road and you can dine under the stars next to the old working water wheel. That experience would be completely different if I attempted that in my golf cart as aforementioned road is the main highway. LOL

Choose breakfast in your room, on your terrace or join us at the restaurant where you can choose from the buffet or order a la carte, as is my preference. The service is always impeccable and you will only have to say your name once. Dine around for lunch and choose your spot for dinner, you’ll want to stay longer to sample all the menus.

The resident band play most evenings to accompany you for drinks in the bar area. Later, prepare to be ‘entertained’ on your walk around the grounds, where the subtle lighting highlights the beauty of the grounds and listen to the Caribbean Sea as your orchestra.

Water sports? Any you fancy…kayaking, paddle boarding, wind surfing, snorkelling and just plain swimming can all be done, under supervision or solo. Diving with Keino and the team, you can brush up on your skills or further your qualification.

The guys and girls at any of the bars always greet you with a smile and they know their stuff when it comes to mixing cocktails. All around Half Moon, you will receive a genuine Caribbean welcome.

For many, including me, this is not our first visit to Half Moon and it is easy to see why. This hotel offers more than luxurious, varied accommodation, it really is your introduction to the island of Jamaica.

Love, peace & freedom from Jamaica💚

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