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Lancaster, Portland Hike the undiscovered waterfall

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Today I risked life and limb to ‘discover’ the ‘undiscovered’

Starting our journey up a very steep hill in the truck, the road quickly became green and bumpy and this was the beginning of another real adventure. After some ups and downs and switch backs that couldn’t be done in one manoeuvre, a white mongrel dog with ‘small dog ’syndrome alerted us that we were strangers on its property.

A Rasta man jumps in the back seat with a machete almost as wide as him and we set off again, deeper into the forest. Before long, we have to abandon the truck and start our climb on foot. The wide path quickly narrows and we are in thick forest. We form a short line… Rasta man with machete, my guide and then me. I first thought I would be content in the middle but then changed my mind against standing behind the guy charged with wielding a huge sword like implement, I was happy standing back.

My guide conversed whilst the lead guy chopped and that was how it was, chop and chat. Sword man wielded his implement skilfully and as it happens, I would have been happy behind him, but I was too slow and happy to lag.

The ledge was thin and now on my second stick, to use as an aid, this one was longer and sturdier. I must now keep a greater distance to avoid stabbing my guide in the back of his foot.

As I scrambled over bush, barbed wire, fallen bamboo and strong vine roots, I had lost sight of the guys and had to work out which path they took. They weren’t far in front, but they are used to this terrain. The jungle was like a veil of green, opening only for a few seconds, before closing the door to its secrets. I would get a shout of ’stand up’ every time they heard a noise behind them. I continued, with my stick, poking at the ground to see if it was firm before I risked placing a foot. Quite often my stick disappeared into a hollow and I was grateful it wasn’t my leg.

Managing to pause only a couple to times with my camera, to show the denseness of the bush but my concentrations were elsewhere. Why was this an ‘undiscovered’ waterfall? How come the Falls couldn’t be described to me at the start?

After another little while, an opening appears on my left and the sound of rushing water is suddenly very loud, so I think we must be close. I look up and can see the guys and they have stopped. As I catch up, I join them in looking down and yes there was a waterfall and yes it was powerful and yes, I am sure it is spectacular. Trouble is, we couldn’t get near it! I could see the thundering water rushing to a point a bit further down but that was it. I tried to trace where that water was coming from but was unable to see through the dense bush. There was another ledge beyond the cascading water, so I have no idea how tall the Falls are. Do they come to rest in a wonderful pool below, another piece of nature’s beauty? I wonder to myself if it is better for the Falls to remain ‘undiscovered’ or should a path be beaten to them so that intrepid travellers such as myself can continue making their discoveries.

I have an 18sec video where you will see, pretty much all of what I saw.

I’ve been on more hair-raising treks to get to waterfalls, but the difference is, previously I felt rewarded with what I have enjoyed. This one, I have to say, is not one I will repeat, until someone has been able to figure out how to get to it. I am blessed to see such things and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want. I most definitely got experience, in spades.

Love, peace and freedom from Jamaica💚

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