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Is Jamaica Safe?

Updated: May 17, 2019

If I had a grain of sand every time I was asked this question, I could have built a large sandcastle by now, but this is a valid question for anyone to ask who is thinking of visiting the island of Jamaica.

Jamaica does indeed have its problems although this is largely internal and involves matters that no tourist would or should get involved in. 

A State of Emergency was introduced in January (2018) in the parish of St James and its aim was to stem the violence that comes from organised crime in the area.  The visitors to the island were and are not a target of this violence and these measures have helped safeguard the tourist industry and its reputation on the island of Jamaica.  

The enjoyment of those visiting the island is not affected…. you just can't party until dawn in the parish of St James right now.

Tourists are rarely harmed in Jamaica and the negative comments I have heard is when common sense has not been exercised.  Don’t go looking for trouble and it will remain far from you.  

That is not to say that you should cocoon yourself on an All-Inclusive resort…far from it. You don’t go off with people you don’t know, to places you don’t know, to do things you shouldn’t do.  People can lose all inhibitions when they are away from home and especially after a drink or two.

Use licensed transportation, agreeing a price before you take the journey.  When you go out at night, know how you are getting back to your accommodation and then when you are all partied out, arrangements have already been made…it's that simple! 

If you are a visitor to the island, you are a guest and are treated as such, just like you treat an invited guest into your own home.

The Jamaican people are a proud race and no more so when it comes to showcasing their beautiful island paradise.  

They are the friendliest of people who love to chat with visitors and are keen for you to try their food & drink and to experience the beauty that is Jamaica.   They will even teach you how to speak like them which is Patois, the local dialect.  This generally ends up in a lot of laughter.

As a tourist you are part of Jamaica’s largest income earner and Jamaican’s are smart people who realise that it doesn’t make moral or economic sense to bite the hand that feeds them.

Go to Jamaica, explore, let her get under your skin and I guarantee you will feel the vibe and want to return again and again.

As the well-known saying goes….

Jamaica…once you go, you know!

If you would like to know more, I specialise soley in Jamaica. Anyone can book a flight and hotel but that alone will not make a trip of a lifetime. For that, you need to have access to someone who has inside knowledge and years of experience so that you get the best from your destination, money and time.

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