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Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary?

Surprisingly to me, opinions are split on this. I am unsure if this comes down to where you are from, but I am of the opinion that you should NEVER leave home without adequate travel insurance. So, unless you have access to a bottomless pit of cash, please read on....

WHAT are the benefits of travel insurance - the basics?

* Not having to raise your own personal funds to pay for medical evacuation should you need this. This could cost upwards of £300k(US$375k).

* Not being out of pocket for any medical expenses you may have paid for due to accident or illness whilst away

* Ensuring you get compensation for losses that result from trip cancellation or interruption.

* Ensuring you get reimbursed for loss of baggage and personal belongings

* Refund for necessary purchases made in the event of your luggage being delayed

* Getting a refund on emergency dental treatment whilst you are away

* Having telephone/online access 24/7 to travel assistance 

* Cover for legal advice and personal accident

* Gives you credit card fraud protection and replacement

* Covers you for loss of cash & travel documents

Under what circumstances could I need travel insurance?

* You were injured beyond the hospitals capability of fixing you….could you afford to be airlifted to USA or UK?

* You needed to be admitted to hospital and occupy a bed…..can you afford all fees for stays, surgery, medicines, consultants & surgeons’ costs and after care?

* You get sick and cannot return home…can you afford the alternative accommodation & living costs?

* Someone in the party dies….can you afford the repatriation costs home?

* Your luggage is delayed or lost completely…..would you want to be able to buy replacement clothes so as not to have your trip ruined and not have to spend all your holiday money on doing so?

* Your credit cards/cash/passport is lost or stolen……do you really want to pay out for the cost of emergency documents and replacement of cards to be sent?

* There is a family emergency…..can you afford to pay for the unexpected flight home?

* Your travel partner is hospitalised, and you wish to stay in the country with them…..can you afford the alternative flight & accommodation cost?

* Your tablet/laptop/phone/camera/jewellery etc goes missing…..can you comfortably afford to replace it? 

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your plans are, or your family situation. If you contract a simple ear infection during your trip, you will be grounded and unable to fly. You will then have to pay for another flight, find alternative accommodation & pay out for extra living expenses for your unexpected extended trip. If you are alone, that’s one thing but if you are with a partner, do they stay and double the cost, or do you go it alone once they return home? If you simply take out travel insurance before you leave home, these things will not be a worry and you can fully enjoy yourself during your trip.

Why then, would you still travel without insurance?

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