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Jamaica Inn, Ocho Rios

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Eight acres of property, 52 suites, a wonderful spa, located on what is said to be one of the Caribbean’s best beaches.

Choose breakfast in your outside living room, overlooking the Caribbean Sea or join us at the restaurant on the terrace, also overlooking the ocean. The extensive a la carte menu full of Jamaican and International delights is there to whet your appetite for what is going to be an incredible day in paradise. The service is always impeccable and I love the discreet formality of a ’no phone’ policy when dining.

Could it be Rose & croquet on the lawn, rum tasting at Teddy’s Bar or a tour of the grounds in search of fruits in season? The choice is yours..any activity you choose will be ’served up’ with a smile of genuine Jamaican hospitality and of course, complimentary.

On Jamaica Inn’s very own beach, 700ft of pristine pale coloured sand, you can relax on the sun beds and raise your flag for service, take a dip in the wonderful ocean, paddle board, kayak, or snorkel to your hearts content. The emphasis here is on relaxation and you really won’t have to try too hard.

Come evening time, arrive on the terrace for cocktail hour, where the drinks are on the house and watch the sunsets which are incredibly stunning.

Jamaica Inn hotel is an iconic feature in Jamaica and dates back to the 1950’s. Traditional service, impeccable accommodations and the friendliest staff, make this a favourite of many people including me. Many guests I met, had discovered Jamaica Inn for the first time and said they wouldn’t stay anywhere else on the island.

Turtle conservation is big on the island and the wonderful Ovan is the man who will arrange for you to see a turtle release and give you up to date figures of how many, when, where etc. Depending upon the time of your visit, you may get to see where a turtle has laid their eggs.

Later in the year, you may be lucky enough to see the spectacle of these little creatures racing to the freedom of the vast ocean.

I have got to know Jamaica Inn hotel over time and even though the emphasis is on relaxation, there are plenty of activities on and off property, to keep the most fidgety of souls happy.

If you want the best of Jamaican hospitality in an authentic setting, with the personal service and fabulous accommodations, there is nowhere better.

Love, peace & freedom from Jamaica💚

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