• Angella Berarey

Off the Wall Jamaica Experience

Ever felt like you want to discover parts that are seemingly untouched by others?

Like to blaze your own trail and not follow in the footsteps of thousands before you?

Do you head in the opposite direction to the throngs of tourists that you see on your travels?


Well, read on and come into my world. Ital travels was born from my passion for Jamaica and my love of travel. Not just travel as a tourist, but travel as an adventurer, as a discoverer, as an explorer. I want to feel like a temporary resident of the country I am in and I want that for you too.

You need to feel a part of the country….take public transport, visit a local market, shop in a town that wasn’t built on tourism, go to a club to see how the locals party. Get an invite to a river party and attend Church and learn to cook in someone's back yard. These may not be things you do in your home country although doing them in Jamaica will give you a feel for what life is like on the Rock.

Once you sample this temporary residency, you will feel more confident to delve deeper on each visit and I guarantee you that in no time, the words Negril & Montego Bay will be the words you roll your eyes up at, because you will know so much more of this beautiful island and know that its greatest secrets and most stunning beauty lie far from those places. You will know the gentle and proud people who welcome you back ‘home’ with open arms, you will know the places to stay where you can catch the cooling sea breeze without the need of the air conditioned character-less rooms of the large resorts. You will know where to drink the sweetest water from a fresh mountain spring rather than buying another plastic bottle filled with treated water.

You will discover waterfalls, rain forests, caves, mountain ranges, fields of crops, desert-like landscapes, secluded beaches, self-governing towns and tiny bars and shops all over the island. You can travel to small islands of the mainland, go deep sea fishing and dive to see a sunken city.

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island and as with many things it boasts, it packs a punch much greater than its size.

Allow me to take you on a journey of discovery to find that whatever you look for in a holiday, can be found in Jamaica. Even if you like skiing…..you must have heard that we even try our hand at bob sledding!!!

Go, explore, enjoy & relax in Jamaica!

Nobody knows Jamaica better than ME :)

Angella Berarey


+44 7841 879 093

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