• Angella Berarey

Scott's Hall Maroon Town

One of 4 official maroon towns in Jamaica and situated in the middle of green hills in St Mary, with its indigenous herbs and medicinal plants, Scott’s Hall is another discovery I made whilst touring around the mountains and hills of Jamaica.

With a population of 3000 people, it was extremely quiet and you could hear the running water of the stream, close by, which is said to have curative properties.

The maroon people have a different, language, culture & governing body and a very effective communication tool.. the Abeng. The Abeng is the horn of a cow with the top cut off. The blowing of the instrument is a practised art form and was used for communication, in a manner which could not be translated by the enemy.

Rudolph, the Maroon Chief of Scott’s Hall, was very welcoming and explained that they like to live independently and are not governed by people outside of the town. The fertile soil provides for prime growing and it is said the maroons travelled through caves from Portland to St Mary to make their way to ’natures hospital’ for healing during the fighting with the British.

Since moving to the town from England in 2016, Rudolph has used his skills setting up a museum in the town and has installed a standpipe to supply the local houses with fresh water. He is working on promoting the town as a place of natural healing and reintroducing the art of independent thinking. In exercising our own minds, it leads to the most beautiful of creations from individuals, all around the world.

There is a stage where ceremonies take place and it is also available for parties and event hire, to bring in much needed income.

Definitely worth a visit, as I find all the Maroon Towns are.

Love, peace & freedom from Jamaica💚

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