• Angella Berarey

Strawberry Hill Hotel

On 26 acres, sat 3100ft above the capital city of Kingston and nestled in the beautiful Blue Mountains, is one of the most divine settings for an hotel that I have ever seen.

There is no beach and no daily entertainment, but the beauty literally takes my breath away. The main infinity pool will amaze you and I promise you that after a couple of drinks at the bar, you will be able to walk on water. A perfect training/meditation/yoga spot is the covered wooden pagoda like structure with incredible views towards New Castle approx another 1000ft higher into the mountains.

With the characterful studios, cottages and mountainside retreats for you to make your own, you can choose never to go to the restaurant or bar. Don’t miss out on the super friendly bar staff and food servers, who contribute to the wonderful atmosphere here at Strawberry Hill. I have never felt alone, the staff here make it their business to ensure you are having a wonderful time. If it’s a little quiet you're after, it is yours and if you want someone to reason with, you can have that too.

From the office staff to the housekeepers to the flower man and the maintenance staff. They greet you and are all happy to spend a few minutes passing the time of day. The many groundsmen, who have an herculean task of keeping the grounds tamed enough to be habitable and kept wild enough not to destroy what we are encroaching upon. It is a constant wonder, the balance between nature and man and in this place, you get to see it up close and personal. The hummingbirds feeding from flowers as you are being fed from your plate.

Walk, hike, cycle, hang off the back of a Samurai truck (oh that’s just me) LOL, whatever transport you choose, you will have amazing fun in the mountains. Rafting, climbing waterfalls, learning all about coffee and visiting Cafe Blue & EITS cafe, if only for the view, they are worthwhile. I can vouch for the hot chocolate and the cheese croissant and it was just enough in my tummy for the trip back.

Take a hike down the mountain with a guide and get a taxi to bring you back up. On that journey alone, you will have seen, heard and witnessed enough laughter to write your own very entertaining story.

Love, peace & freedom from Jamaica 💚

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