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The Island of Jamaica and Driving Distances between the resort areas

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Jamaica is approx 150 miles across and 50 miles from top to bottom. Does that seem small to you? When you live on an island that size and haven’t been from one side to the other, you can guarantee there is a lot of interesting stuff in-between.

The rivers, cavernous regions, mountain ranges, all pop up like obstacle courses to be navigated when you want to get from one side to the other.

It’s worth knowing how long it will take you to get around the island, when planning whether you want to do a two or even 3 centre trip. Be prepared for a six hour drive to get from Negril in the west to Port Antonio in the East. You aren’t on a speeding track and you want to enjoy the scenery and the stops. In these cases, the journey really is as important as the destination.

There are six resort areas on the island of Jamaica

  • Montego Bay in the North west

  • Port Antonio in the North east

  • Negril in the west

  • Treasure Beach on the South coast

  • Ocho Rios in the centre of the North coast

  • Kingston & St Andrew in the South east

Approximate driving distances between destinations. These are what I call, tourist distances, meaning that I include rest & photo stop time but not restaurant time.

  • Mo Bay to Port Antonio 4hrs

  • Mo Bay to Kingston 4hrs

  • Mo Bay to Treasure Beach 2.5 to 3hrs

  • Mo Bay to Negril 1.5hrs

  • Port Antonio to Kingston via St Thomas 2.5hrs

  • Port Antonio to Kingston via New Castle 3hrs as a drive

  • Papine (Kingston) to Buff Bay as a day trip 4.5 to 8hrs depending on how many stops you make to view arguably one of the most scenic areas in Jamaica

  • Port Antonio to Ocho Rios 2.5hrs

  • Port Antonio to Treasure Beach 6.5hrs

  • Negril to Port Antonio 6-7hrs

  • Negril to Kingston via Sth Coast 4-5hrs

  • Negril to Treasure Beach 2hrs

  • Negril to Ocho Rios 4hrs

This is a small caribbean island and whilst roads are generally very good, inclement weather does affect the road conditions, especially around rural areas and the mountain regions. Your safety is our priority with our drivers and the timings between distances may increase due to unforeseen road diversions. We enquire ahead of time to ensure that a particular area is accessible, before we start off on your day of touring.

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