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Travelling Tips
When is the best time to go to Jamaica
What kind of traveller are you?
Travelling Tips
What currency do I take to Jamaica
Travelling Tips
Angella talks Jamaican food
Rum Cake baking - 1
Rum cake baking - 4
How many resort areas are there in Jamaica?
What resort areas are there in Jamaica
How to avoid long queues at airport
Angella talks about Port Antonio
Angella talks about homestay in Jamaica
Self drive in Jamaica?
Be safe when travelling
Jamaican food
Sample Jamaican food first hand
Rum cake baking - 2
Rum cake baking - 3
Happy holidaymakers!
What is there to see and do in Jamaica
How do you get access to your cash when you are abroad ?
Packing tips - using packing cubes
Using your phone in Jamaica
Damian Marley
Damian's amazing show
Trip to Jamaica
Travelling Tips
Visit to old Church in Jamaica
Donation to Jamaican school
Jamaican Experience
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